• Michiel De Malsche (1982) is a composer, producer, multi instrumentalist, sound designer and teacher from Belgium

    He studied classical composition at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Ghent. His contemporary music has been performed all over the world and he has composed/produced dozens of soundtracks for contemporary dance, theatre, movies, documentaries, etc. Besides his work as a contemporary classical composer, he is active as studio musician/electronic music producer and visual artist.

    Recent work includes a full album on Meakusma Records called ‘The Discomfort of Evening’, on which he tried to create a musical interpretation of the ‘Booker Prize’ winning novel by writer Marieke Lucas Rijneveld. Currently he’s finishing a full album with 12 compositions for 12 different solo instruments (More info soon).

    As a contemporary composer his music was performed by ensembles such as the Brussels Philharmonic, Sturm Und Klang, The Flemish Sinfonietta, I solisti del Vento, the Thelema Trio, Scordatura, The Ghent University Orchestra, The Ghent Conservatory Symphonic Orchestra & Symphonic Band, the Ragazze String Quartet and many more.

    He had the opportunity to work with amazing artists/ musicians such as Will Spoor, Hantrax, Adilia Yip, Manou Gallo, Fabrizio Cassol, Rudeboy, Mala, Nezaket Ekici, Pathé Thiam, etc.

    As a film composer he wrote/ produced soundtracks for productions by BBC2, Canvas, Arte, VPRO and dozens of short movies by promising young directors & film students.

    In the world of theatre and contemporary dance he wrote/ produced soundtracks for De Kopergietery, Het Paleis, Fabuleus, het Zuidelijk Toneel, Het Huis van Bourgondië, Platform K, d’Amor, Abattoir Fermé, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Das Oldenburgisches Stadstheater, M.A.F., Bronks, etc.

    Michiel De Malsche owns/ designed his own studio called ‘Studio O’ in which he has the opportunity to record and mix all of his productions. As a teacher he started a sound design course at the local academy of his hometown in which he trains young promising sound designers/ artists/ musicians in becoming authentic professionals.


    PROJECTS (selection):
  • ‘The Discomfort Of Evening' (Full album on MEAKUSMA feat. String4tet, Ondes Martenot, Woodwinds, Choir, Marimba, Electronica, etc)
  • 'Mal/Oxin-Suite' for marimba solo.
  • ‘Eleven Days’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • 'The Source' (Silent short movie + live chamber orchestra piece)
  • 'Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens' (New Soundtrack)
  • ‘Lost On Planet Guso’ (Symphonic Orchestra, Tape & Organ)
  • 'The Xenophobic Wanker' (Marimba and Trombone)'
  • 'We are all Neighbours' (Viola and Piano)
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.0' (feat. composer H.Swolfs)
  • 'Hantrax, Yip & De Malsche' (electronic marimba trio)
  • 'Wolo:Birth', feat. Adilia Yip (Marimba), Youssouf Keita 'Balafon' & Alfredo Bravo (Drums)
  • 'XY populate' (Silent movie by R. Laachir, soundtrack)
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.2 (String 4-tet, keys/ electronica)
  • ‘In Progress’ –a symphonic poem about life- (Extended Symphonic Orchestra)
  • 'Hydro/Scam': for Balafon, Viola and Piano
  • ‘A wrong Impression’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Die Mannschaft geht los’ (String Orchestra + Piano)
  • ‘Ouverture For A New Climate (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘March of Ignorance’ (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘Insomnia’ (String Trio + Marimba)
  • ‘Entering The Black Hole’ (Electronics)
  • ‘Schizophrenia, how romantic can it get?’ (Clarinet, 2 percussionists)
  • ‘An Unspeakable Hunch’ (Bass Clarinet, Bariton Sax, Piano)
  • ‘Death’ (3 sopranos, flute, hobo, String-trio, harp)
  • ‘Autumn Cycle’ (Violin, Piano)
  • ‘The Ear Cycle’ (15 pieces for cello solo)
  • ‘Piroquara’ (String Orchestra & Electronics)
  • ‘Ju Pjeird Nechreira’(cd + book)
  • 'A Taste of Struggle' (electronic trio, Deep Medi Records)
  • ‘Wilbert’s Lack of Love’ (Libretto)
  • ‘Piano Cycle’ (12 pieces for piano solo)
  • 'The Happy Few' by Randi De Vlieghe (Bronks).
  • ‘Samhain’ (Piece for 250 musicians)
  • 'Van Eyck -The Temptation of Reality'(Les Productions des Vergers, Visualantics, ARTE)
  • 'The Ruins Of Empires' (BBC2 Soundtrack in collab with Mala & Truenoys)
  • 'Zoo doen ze de dingen' (Contemporary Dance, original music)
  • 'Sideline': Documentary abut Nigerian Football Players (CANVAS, Visualantics). Original music.
  • ‘Eléonore va se Coucher’ (Piano)
  • 'Voice Your Diversity' (community project by Adilia Yip).
  • 'E-Talking Symphonic', (Bronks feat.The Brussels Philharmonic)
  • 'Labour of Love'(contemporary dance feat. Audrey Apers, Jan Deboom, Krizstina de Châtel ().
  • 'Nesten': (Mime)
  • ‘The Great Jesus Comeback Event’ (Avant Garde Oratorium)
  • 'Entretemps'(Contemporary Dance Piece by Leen Roels)'
  • 'Apocalypso' (Abattoir Fermé feat.Capsule, Zefiro Torna, etc.)
  • ‘Paard: Een Musical’ (Theatre, Tibaldus & Andere Hoeren: original music)
  • 'Belching' (Live video experiment: Port Actif, original music)
  • ‘Wäldlinge’ (Dance Theatre: Kopergietery & Das Oldenburgisches Staatstheater)
  • ‘Blauwe Storm’ (Dance, Moldavië vzw & Fabuleus: original music)
  • 'Koste Wat Kost' (Productiehuis Rotterdam,theatre, Live Soundtrack)
  • 'Bouta' (Productiehuis Rotterdam)
  • ‘De Zwarte Beek’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Tuesday’ (music for the Fireworks of the Gentse Feesten)
  • ‘Private Objects’ (Installation by Nezaket Ekici, radio play)
  • ‘Het Huis Huilt’ (Theatre,Kopergietery: original music & sound design)
  • 'Big City' (Experimental Musical feat. M.A.F.)
  • ‘Leuke Mieke’ (Theatre, Fabuleus: original music)
  • ‘Het Bloedmooie Mensenmeisje’ (Theatre with specials, original music)
  • ‘Point Off U’ (Short Movie: original music)
  • 'Koer' (Larf!, theatre with children)
  • 'Ruimte-tuig' (Platform-K, experimental theatre feat. E.Kuppens)
  • ‘Ronja De Roversdochter’ (Theatre, D’AMOR: original music)
  • ‘Floor’ (Music Theatre, Vesta, original music)
  • ‘Het Oor van Maria’ (Musical Fairytale, Het Huis Van Bourgondië)
  • ‘How to sell your wife’ (painting by Jan Van Imschoot, punk-aria)
  • ‘Blackie & The Oohoos feat. Ragazze Quartet’ (arrangements for string 4-tet & Ondes Martenot)
  • ‘Soundwall’ (Piece for 250m long electric live orchestra)